If you're a fan of helicopter games then Helix will probably appeal to you. It's is a side-scrolling animated helicopter game featuring four worlds and over 100 levels of flying fun.

Your task is to rescue some stranded 'dolls' that have been captured by aliens and abducted. You have to save them with your helicopter Helix by beaming them up safely Star Trek-style, before you run out of power. Your main enemy is actually gravity, although there is the odd ghost and ghoul thrown in to spice things up.

Along the way, you can collect power-ups and diamonds, of which a tally of is kept at the top of the screen. Your energy bar is the top-right corner. You are only given three lives, which isn't much, so it can be a bit frustrating at first. There's also no way to pause the program. Helix does have a pumping soundtrack and it's actually one of the best features of this otherwise mediocre game.

Helix will undoubtedly appeal to helicopter fans, although it does feel like a rather dated arcade game.



Helix 1.3.2

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